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Telemarketing and 

Lead Generation 

I have extensive experience and success as both a consultative telemarketer as well as running and training teams of telemarketers. 

If you are serious about lead generation, you MUST employ someone who understands and has some experience in the technology channel.

“IT managers can sometimes be unforgiving to those that are ill-prepared”

If you want to maximise your cost per lead and create a lead engine that can feed your sales teams, then get in touch and we can discuss ways to achieve this. Don’t believe anyone that says you just need telemarketing alone.  This needs to be part of a bigger and well-executed strategy to deliver the quality of leads and consistency. ​

Data is also critical and I can supply GDPR certified target data for campaigns starting from just £295 per 000' records.  ​

I have been involved in lead generation campaigns for Microsoft, Avnet, Kensington and more

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