Taking a Bold Step...

While the debate still rages around whether to publish pricing on websites, I believe that understanding the investment you may need to make and budget helps the relationship from the start. For that reason, I am happy to let you know the cost of services upfront.

Marketing Services - Consultancy and Additional In House Resource 

Whether you need someone to create a website, Email campaign, direct mail, social media, videos, and collateral, this can be the right choice. You can engage on a one-off project or, as many do, get marketing resources into your business regularly. Having someone to support or manage your marketing can be a game-changer and elevate your business.  
This is charged on a day rate basis, and price breaks are available based on the level of engagement.

1 – 10 Days         £300 per day

10 + Days            £275 per day  


Marketing and Sales Strategy Day

This day (preferably away from the distractions of work) sees us, deep dive into your current operations, challenges, and strengths. This allows us to take a snapshot of your efforts and business right now and will enable us to look at areas that can impact sales and marketing success and formulate a plan and ideas to deliver the results needed to improve sales and marketing functions.
This involves time on-site and returns a snapshot report and ideas on areas you need to focus on.

 Day on site and Report £600


Lead Generation - Telemarketing  

Many organisations in the IT channel have done telemarketing and come up short. This is often because the caller does not have the IT knowledge or experience to engage with technical stakeholders who can be slippery fish. However, with my experience and relationships, you can be assured that when you engage in Telemarketing projects, you will have a caller who understands and can articulate the proposition and works alongside you to fine-tune the campaign and achieve success.
There are two choices for callers, and these are based on the project. First, some projects can be delivered with junior resources, and others demand a more mature and experienced caller that can hold conversations with a C Level audience.
All campaigns require set-up, training and time to develop the right approach, so we charge an upfront set-up fee (standard in the industry). However, the focus and attention at this stage mean we can be far more effective when undertaking the campaign.

Campaign Set up Fee £600


Junior Level Caller £250 Per Day

Experienced Senior Telemarketer £300 Per Day

Minimum Campaign lengths 5 Days



Monthly Rolling Telemarketing Packages 


5 Days Per Month £1250 (minimum two months engagement)

10 Days Per Month £2250

15 Days Per Month £3150 with free email creation and design 


Social Media 

Having the time to manage and post on social media can be a challenge. So how can you stand out and encourage engagement? What kind of posts do you need to position yourself as an industry expert. 


These are common challenges that result in many businesses failing to utilise social media to build their brand and generate opportunities. We can help. 


Our monthly package sees us develop a social plan for your business and take care of sharing engaging content and create bespoke picture posts to make you stand out from the crowd. 


Packages start from just £199 per month.