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Maximising Revenue From Existing Customers - How To Guide

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

I am looking to provide you with some quick, effective and proven tips to help your business grow.  

In this short blog, we look at how you can focus on your existing customer base to identify areas for your sales teams to focus for some quick wins, additional revenue and better relationships.

In my experience, even service providers with the latest and greatest RMM Tools with a plethora of super clever API’s, still miss a simple step in maximising revenue and opportunity. As a real-world example, I was at a sales meeting on behalf of a client when their customer was shocked that they didn’t need to go to Maplin’s (RIP) to buy a router! This highlighted a lack of ongoing communication about what the business did and ongoing nurture of that relationship.

Your business probably offers a range of different services, but who is taking what? Who wants what? When did you last talk to them about hosting or back up services?  If you answered “Not Sure” to any of these points you may be missing out on extra revenue and a chance to engage and build stronger relationships!

 “Just because you know about all your services, your customers probably won’t”

What Can You Do?

Create a template or use the one I have created for you and complete the following tasks;

  1. Add all your product/services to the matrix template.

  2. Add the names of all your customers.

  3. Mark the services each one of these customers takes from you.

  4. Sit back and review the fruits of your labour.

  5. Make a plan to plug the gaps.

  6. If you have big gaps – Engage marketing to create an awareness campaign.

Download a copy of the Matrix >>

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