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Making you

stand out 

from the crowd 

Whether you are looking to set up a launch a new venture or looking to create new opportunities and leads I can help.

I can work with you in many ways, and have a broad skills base, backed with commercial acumen to ensure the work we do, is right and will yield results.


I can help with;

  • Research, Development, and Implementation of New Services

  • Creative Ideas

  • Demand and Lead generation

  • Strategic Sales

  • Digital Marketing

  • Sales and Marketing Alignment

  • Content Creation and Marketing

  • Marketing and Sales Strategy

  • Re-shaping of Existing Services 

  • Target Market Definition

  • Set up and Launch of New Ventures/Companies

  • Exhibition and Event Promotion

  • Public Speaking

  • Management of Marketing and Sales


What my associates can help with;

  • Web Design

  • SEO

  • GDPR Certified Data

  • Telemarketing

  • Video and Media

  • Advertising & Media Planning 

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Whether you are looking for a Virtual Marketing Director, Strategic Consultancy, Telemarketing, a Quick Fix or a Fully Outsourced Marketing Team, I can help.

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For a partnership to be successful it is important that both parties share the same values and goals, because of this, not every company will be a good fit for me.


I will be upfront and transparent or even bold, If you want fiverr prices, substandard work from geographically displaced experts, that you cant contact if there is a problem or you want the moon on a stick without having to spend a penny then I am not for you.

I want to work with companies that have a desire to work collaboratively to maximise what we can do together, and at least have a basic understanding of why marketing is important. Remember, marketing isn’t a magic wand, it takes both of us to make the magic happen. 

Types of Engagement 

I work in many ways, often on a retained basis for set days or on delivery of campaigns and projects. It all comes down to what your businesses goals are and what is required to achieve them. I can also work on an ad-hoc basis and contractually to help plug gaps in a resource such as maternity leave. Whatever, you need we can find the best solution to deliver the results.

Why Clients Choose Me 

  • I am experienced in delivering effective multi-channel marketing for the tech sector.

  • You access all the same talent used by glossy high charging agencies for a fraction of the cost.

  • I am human and focus on the right marketing for commercial outcomes.

  • I look at the big picture including sales and marketing alignment- ensuring you turn an investment into profit.

  • I come at things from a commercial point of view.

  • I  work to make you a success, not me.

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