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Are you an MSP, Reseller, Vendor or Distributor Struggling with Marketing or Marketing Resource?

I can help!
Expert Technology Freelance Services 


"I have been working in the Technology Channel for years and can help your business, go to market and win new customers, without the big agency price tag"

I cut my teeth in the IT channel working in Sales and Marketing for a growing VAR and laterally with several, technology-focused marketing agencies. After many years and lots of learning, I had a calling and set out as the master of my destiny.

It was and still is apparent that the IT channel suffers from many challenges when it comes to marketing and lead generation. Often, only the larger players can afford the glossy agency fees, putting many growing and emerging businesses at a disadvantage.

Technology business can also struggle to employ the talent/resource to deliver effective marketing and many who outsource get stung and fail to get the return when engaging agencies who do not care or understand the channel.

Having been in the marketing and creative industry for a long time, and been responsible for selling hardware, software, and services, I can deliver the confidence of working with someone who can get your business and hit the ground running.


Aside from my experience, you also benefit from my contacts and relationships, giving you access to a team of talented individuals whose skills and expertise cover a wide range of disciplines, from Website Development and SEO specialists to Design, Copywriters, Videographers and Animators.

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Ready to Grow - Call Me On 0191 486 2524 

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Making you

stand out 

from the crowd 


"Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress, working hard for something we love is called passion." Simon Sinek

Whether you are looking to set up a launch a new venture or looking to create new opportunities and leads I can help.

I can work with you in many ways, and have a broad skills base, backed with commercial acumen to ensure the work we do, is right and will yield results.


I can help with;

  • Research, Development, and Implementation of New Services

  • Creative Ideas

  • Demand and Lead generation

  • Strategic Sales

  • Digital Marketing

  • Sales and Marketing Alignment

  • Content Creation and Marketing

  • Marketing and Sales Strategy

  • Re-shaping of Existing Services 

  • Target Market Definition

  • Set up and Launch of New Ventures/Companies

  • Exhibition and Event Promotion

  • Public Speaking

  • Management of Marketing and Sales


What my associates can help with;

  • Web Design

  • SEO

  • GDPR Certified Data

  • Telemarketing

  • Video and Media

  • Advertising & Media Planning 

Download My ROI Guide 

Discover how you should be looking at the ROI on

your marketing spend. 

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Follow Up Guide 

Tips to help you make great follow up calls to leads​ and prospects.

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Whether you are looking for a Virtual Marketing Director, Strategic Consultancy, Telemarketing, a Quick Fix or a Fully Outsourced Marketing Team, I can help.

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Cut the Marketing Blurb and 

Say it Like it is! 

For a partnership to be successful it is important that both parties share the same values and goals, because of this, not every company will be a good fit for me.


I will be upfront and transparent or even bold, If you want fiverr prices, substandard work from geographically displaced experts, that you cant contact if there is a problem or you want the moon on a stick without having to spend a penny then I am not for you.

I want to work with companies that have a desire to work collaboratively to maximise what we can do together, and at least have a basic understanding of why marketing is important. Remember, marketing isn’t a magic wand, it takes both of us to make the magic happen. 

Types of Engagement 

I work in many ways, often on a retained basis for set days or on delivery of campaigns and projects. It all comes down to what your businesses goals are and what is required to achieve them. I can also work on an ad-hoc basis and contractually to help plug gaps in a resource such as maternity leave. Whatever, you need we can find the best solution to deliver the results.

Why Clients Choose Me 

  • I am experienced in delivering effective multi-channel marketing for the tech sector.

  • You access all the same talent used by glossy high charging agencies for a fraction of the cost.

  • I am human and focus on the right marketing for commercial outcomes.

  • I look at the big picture including sales and marketing alignment- ensuring you turn an investment into profit.

  • I come at things from a commercial point of view.

  • I  work to make you a success, not me.

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Working With Me


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